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Modeling Complexity, by Prof. Mike Gizzi, et. al.

See NetLogo Learning Labs here, and especially see...

The Seven Step Modeling Process

The seven step process is An excellent tool for drawing out and organizing your ideas into an information model that you can use to guide you in the coding of your Netlogo model.

The labs are slightly outdated, due to new versions of NetLogo changing some of the language features and syntax. They may still be helpful, if you can cope with the examples not exactly working right, and requiring some figuring out.

Friends and Clients

Dr. Shawn Graham

Ancient City Map (

"Wouldn't it be interesting for us as archaeologists, if we could study ancient settlements by watching their inhabitants...? This model represents a small experiment in reviving a dead city."

Dr. Cindy Jooren

Investigation on the Knowledge Processes of Bison International (pdf link)

As part of her 2005 Doctoral thesis, Dr. Jooren used NetLogo to model the exchange of information between departments in a real business (Bison International), to see how that exchange affects the completion of product development projects. Parameters for the model were derived from Dr. Jooren's analysis of the business, case studies, and worker interviews and focus groups.

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